Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Dirty Little Secrets - Breelan Angel

Dirty Little Secrets is a masterful compilation from Breelan Angel. Like a well-cut diamond, each track reflects the shining talent and life experiences of this multi-faceted young woman from Baytown Texas. All ten of the tracks were co-written by Breelan Angel, along with some of the most talented songwriters in Nashville.

Walk of Shame and Double Standards are both kicky little tunes with a bit of sass. Some of her musical influences come through in tracks like Halfway to Wasted, It Ain’t Easy Loving Me and She Made Your Bed. The title track, Dirty Little Secrets has a bluegrass back tone that makes the song homey and comfortable. Can’t Tell A Heart is catchy and finger-poppin – the kind of tune that carries you down the highway. But I think two of the best songs on this album are Love Understands and One More Song. Love Understands is amazingly rich and soulful from one so young. Like the last slow dance of the evening, One More Song brings the album to a close while leaving you with a longing for what we can expect next from this talented young woman.

For a sample of what you can expect from this CD, here's her video, Halfway to Wasted from YouTube:

With the ability to craft a song, the vocal range and the old soul classic tones, Breelan Angel gives us hope for country music. 

I'm giving Dirty Little Secrets... 

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