Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY FLIP FLOP - Bear with me.. you'll get it!

Normally, I would preface a Turntable Tuesday post with an Out of the Chute on Monday. But I haven't interviewed these guys - yet. I hope to. So with no Monday post, I did my own thing and then planned the Turntable Tuesday review of their new album - LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.

But then I got to thinking... these guys deserve a proper introduction. So I'm going to do a brief intro post today. Then come back tomorrow for my review of the album.

So here we go... Monday's Post on Tuesday

LONESTAR returns with a stellar new album!

I’m finding more often then not that the music I listened to years ago; the music I loved the most has Texas roots. Aside from the classic artistry of Ray Price, Mickey Gilley and Willie Nelson, I also enjoyed more ‘contemporary’ country. Some of my favorites over the years have been The Oakridge Boys (Duane Allen Taylortown), James & Michael Younger (Edinburg TX), George Strait, Holly Dunn (San Antonio) and the boys of LONESTAR. Richie McDonald (lead vocals/ piano), Michael Britt (lead guitar/ vocals), Keech Rainwater (drums), Dean Sams (keyboard/ acoustic guitar and vocals).

What songs come to mind when you hear ‘Lonestar’? For me, I think of ‘Amazed’ or ‘I’m Already There’. But tracks like ‘No News’, ‘My Front Porch Lookin In’ or ‘Mr. Mom’ creates the balance to make Lonestar one of the most well-rounded groups you will hear in country music.

From their debut self-titled album in 1995 to their new ‘Life As We Know It’ and everything in between, nothing has changed for these guys. Their music still carries the same soulful sound and powerful, well-written lyrics. Twenty years later they have not missed a lick. And as Richie likes to say, “we’re just four good old boys from Texas.”

Works for me!

You can keep up with the guys on various social media tracks:

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