Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WEDNESDAY REVIEW - Life As We Know It - Lonestar


LIVE AS WE KNOW IT falls somewhere between the LONESTAR we remember and the rail country music rides today. While the story element is there, some of the tracks are more contemporary. To get airplay today, you have to find that balance between a song today’s country listeners expect to hear while not losing who you are as an artist. The guys of LONESTAR are consistent in that respect. Balance seems to have been their totem throughout their career.

Twenty years ago, when they began their climb up the charts, four guys from Texas made their niche in the music industry with a classic combination of soulful tunes (I’m Already There) and fun songs (Mr. Mom). They had a balance. And though the weights still have similarities to those in the beginning, Life As We Know It delivers that same mix to today’s listeners.

On one end of the beam we have songs like Maybe Someday, With My Eyes Open, Life As We Know It, If It Wasn’t For You, Just the Rain – songs that make you feel something deep.

The Countdown, How Can She Be Everywhere, Pretty Good Day, I Miss When, I Did It For the Girl even out the lighter side of the CD.

To keep everything on an even keel, we are treated to true party songs like Oh Yeah and Party All Day. While these two tracks are not my favorite, I do understand their purpose in this album.

All twelve tracks allow the guys of LONESTAR to keep one foot firmly in their roots while walking forward into what radio stations are playing now. Finding balance in this business can be painful at best but I think Texas comes out on top once again.

I’m giving this album 4 hats

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